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    Centrum Sportów Wodnych BIG BLUE w Rybniku powstało z myślą o wszystkich, którzy lubią wodę, ruch na świeżym powietrzu i chcą zadbać o zdrowie swoje i swoich dzieci. Tutaj, niemal w centrum miasta, przy niewielkim jeziorze obok kąpieliska RUDA, stworzyliśmy miejsce, w którym każdy może odpocząć oraz popracować nad kondycją fizyczną.
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    The Rybnik Water Reservoir, also known as Lake Rybnik, is a water body, which was created by damming the Ruda river waters Rudy in Stodoły, a district of Rybnik. The project was primarily at cooling turbines of the Rybnik power plant. It results in a stream of warm water flowing into the reservoir. This popular lake attracts anglers and water sports enthusiasts.
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    The recreational and relaxation center "AquaBrax" in Szymocice is located in the district of Racibórz, amid scenic forests. Apart from Accommodation and full board, it offers many other attractions, which include a large swimming pool, and the possibility of organizing various events on requeSt The local microclimate was appreciated by the German authorities as early as the 30s of the twentieth century. They set up a center for the athletes training for the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936.